Sunday, March 19, 2017

What's In the Box?

What's in the box? My stepdad, that is what is in the box.

If you are being cremated, your family has to choose a container for your body's transportation to the crematorium. This is mandatory in the state of Arizona where my mother lives. The funeral home charged my mother $80 for the cardboard box her husband was going to be cremated in.

I could see the whole cardboard box thing bothered my mother as she signed the agreement at the funeral home. She must have thought he deserved something nicer. But what was the point? He did not want a funeral. His ashes will be buried with my mother when she passes away.

I learned a lot about what I need to get in order for my family when I pass away .

I watched my mother a lot the day after she woke up to find that her husband had died in his sleep. It was painful to see her so frail. It was concerning to see her counting the cost of things in her head. The cremation was not an expensive transaction, but my mom's demeanor made it look like it was.

I worry that she is not ready financially for this. That they might have been living beyond their means.

I wonder how ready I am to take care of my mother. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Look Who's Back

Wow. It has been almost five years since my last post.

A lot has happened.

I am only going to post again because I might have some experiences that other parents might relate to. They might feel better after they read how I flubbed up situations I totally can't relate to or wasn't prepared to handle.

Divorce, suicide, death, drugs, and self harm are all things I have lined up for future posts.

I think I will stay away from politics.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Redheads Are Dumb

My wife, my daughter, and I were driving to dinner last night. We were stopped at a traffic light behind a red Honda Pilot when my daughter pointed out the license plate frame. The top of the frame said "Blondes" and the bottom said "Aren't Dumb", Aren't Dumb was upside down.

Alissa chirps from the backseat, "That's funny."

I pointed at my wife's hair, "Are you sure about that?"

Alissa, without hesitation, "That's OK mom's not really blonde."

The Shiny Blue Bottle

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Indio, California, United States
My 9-year-old daughter gave me a bottle for my birthday. She told me the shiny blue bottle was filled with her love. I'm not sure I'll ever get a better gift.