Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just Don't Call Me Frank "Wedding Series #1"

When my wife wants to make things happen, they will happen. This wedding is no exception.

One of the first things Sherri took care of was the wedding dress.

Sarah had been looking for dresses at a bridal shop out where she lives and wanted Sherri to come out and look at them with her. This kind of sucked because Sarah lives about 90 minutes away.

I told Sherri she was a good mom for going out of her way to make this nice for Sarah. She told me I was a good dad because I was going with her.

“What? That sounds like a girl’s day to me. You don’t need me around.”

“You are going to meet Anthony, and you guys are going to wait for us. Then we are taking them out to dinner.”

“I guess I do need to meet my son-in-law to be before the wedding”

My son-in-law to be will be a separate post in it’s self.

We told Sarah that we would buy the dress, but it needed to be around $150. She told us that she had a couple picked out and that she wanted us to see her in them. I guess “around “ was too loose of a term for her. Each dress she had picked out was “around” $700.

At least we got an idea what kind of style she was interested in and what size to look for. Sherri would start looking at second hand stores and on the Internet.

It was surprising that were so many nice dresses available at the second hand stores, but size was a problem. I guess only skinny short girls give up their wedding dresses for charity.

Sherri ended up buying the dress on-line. She found a site that would custom make the dress from the measurements that we send. It seemed like the site was very thorough about all the information that they needed to make the dress, so she decided to go for it. The price was less than $200 and more than $150, my definition of “around.”

About two weeks later there was a package from Shanghai, China waiting at the front door. What did Sherri order from China? Is this the dress? Wow, that was fast. Can’t wait untill Sherri gets home.

“Hey honey you got a package today.”
“Is it the dress?”
“Didn’t open it, it came from China.”
“Really? China? That was fast.”

She opened the package. It was the dress, and it was beautiful.

“Well done Kathy Lee. The dress is beautiful.”
“Some thirteen year old probably worked day and night for 25 cents an hour to get that dress here so fast.” Smile on my face.
“Oh! I saw the China address and I knew you were gonna go there!”
“Poor kid probably got a beating for taking a potty break too.”

Poor Sherri, everyone she has talked to about the dress has teased her about the same thing, without me saying a word.

How to throw a cheap wedding tip #1: Buy the wedding dress from a communist country with no labor laws.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Better Than Twilight or Harry Potter

Elvis was booked, so we got the next best thing...

A few weeks ago I wrote about my oldest daughter Sarah. In that post I noted that she was off of her birth control and that "we all knew what was next." I thought I knew that she was going to get pregnant, not engaged.

My 18 year old daughter getting is married to a guy she met back in February. The happy day is, July 16th 2010, NEXT MONTH! It’s a good thing we got them to push the day back four weeks so we could have all this time to figure out how we are going to pay for this thing!

Most of our savings are gone because of my lay-off last year. Who am I kidding; the savings are toast.

I had a small argument with my wife about if we should even throw her a wedding. She convinced me that we could pull this off, cheaply, and that it will be the only one we will do for Sarah, plus it was the right thing to do.

My wife is a wise woman. How she ended up with me I don’t know.

There are so many things about this wedding that I’d like to write about. I just can’t cram it all into one post, so I’m going to break it up into a series of posts, better than Twilight or Harry Potter.

In one of those posts, I will share what is the next best thing to booking Elvis for your wedding.

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